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#1 Thought Provoking Health Handbook of the Decade I wish I had this book, Health Intelligence, when I was raising my five children. I found the book easy to read, easy to understand and easy to follow through. Had this book been available back then, Dr. Benji would surely have given Dr. Spock a run for his money. I would recommend this book to every parent in the universe. -Fern Michaels, New York Times bestselling author No child on this Earth is here by accident. Every child has a soul, and every soul has a purpose. If the childs emotional, educational, spiritual, physical and financial needs are met, they will be able to achieve at their highest potential. -Dr. Verna R. Benjamin-Lambert In Health Intelligence, Dr. Verna Benjamin-Lambert takes on this modern-day health catastrophe, reveals the primary causes of childhood obesity, and sets the stage for a health revolution that makes resetting health norms for our children paramount. Dr. Benjamin-Lambert uses the term health intelligence to describe the new concept that is the key to eradicating childhood obesity through education and enrichment for the parents, educators, social workers, and clinicians who are the front line of defense for the health of our nations children. Through the simple principles outlined in her book, young people and their families will get the tools they need to improve their health and live longer, happier lives._,
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