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My beautiful cover model is my wife, Tracy Griffin. This picture was taken a few months before her 50th birthday!&nbsp, She is every bit as beautiful in person.If you want to turn back the hands of time and feel the way you did ten or twenty years ago, then Love Your Body can help you achieve your goals.&nbsp, Most people do not realize that the foods they eat are causing their body to age prematurely.&nbsp, Food and exercise are much more powerful drivers of your appearance than your birth date.&nbsp, Your biological age and your chronological age are not necessarily related.&nbsp, You don&rsquo,t have to be defined by your birthdate.&nbsp, Aging can be optional. Every day more and more Americans are becoming sick because of foods in their diet that they believe are safe and even nutritious.&nbsp, Our government will not intervene because they are too vested in the current diet, political and financial paradigm.&nbsp, So, they sit on the sidelines while generation after generation of Americans develops obesity, diabetes, heart disease, Alzheimer&rsquo,s and cancer.&nbsp, These diseases share a common thread that accelerates aging and steal healthy years from people&rsquo,s lives.&nbsp, You can avoid or even reverse the effects of diseases by simply changing your diet.&nbsp, The secret is understanding how your body&rsquo,s cells respond to different foods.&nbsp, By feeding your cells with the right foods, you can dramatically improve your health.&nbsp,&nbsp, Everyone deserves the opportunity to enjoy a long and healthy life.&nbsp, However, if you are fighting a disease or you are overweight, life can be hard.&nbsp, Changing the way you eat and creating a new lifestyle can seem overwhelming to many people.&nbsp, That&rsquo,s why &ldquo,Love Your Body&rdquo, focuses not just on the &ldquo,what&rdquo, changes to make, and the &ldquo,why&rdquo, you should make them, but also &ldquo,how&rdquo, you can implement changes in your life at a pace you c
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