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UNLOCK YOUR BODY’,S NATIVE WISDOMThe last 20 years have seen an amazing explosion of spiritual and physical practices,Yoga and Pilates to Somatic Experiencing, all focused on tapping into your body&rsquo,s inherent energetic and healing powers. And while we are more &ldquo,enlightened&rdquo, than ever about the relationship between mind, body, and spirit, many of our chronic issues remain and we&rsquo,re still falling short of our actualizing our highest physical potential. In her work with hundreds of clients over the past four decades, Ginny Nadler has found an important connection between the physical pain you experience and the energetic roadblocks that are deeper in the cell structure, in the very fabric of your being. In Spiritual Anatomy, she presents a powerful approach for unraveling your deeply entangled distortions and bringing your body back into alignment.IT ALL STARTS WITH THE PERINEUMAt the core of Ginny&rsquo,s approach is an area of the body in the pelvic floor called the perineum. This small, one-inch area is the source of so much distortion, misalignment, and pain. Starting in the earliest days and weeks of our development in the womb, we carry trauma in the perineum which leads the rest of our body to contract, congest, spiral, and twist, ultimately pulling the bones out of alignment and leading to pain and dysfunction. There are ancient fingerprints in our cells that inform our present day beliefs and actions&ndash,thousands and thousands of years of cultural and familial agreements that are not personal to our present life story and yet resides within the cell structure awakening us to the collective trauma bubbling beneath the surface everywhere. Spiritual Anatomy starts at the very core of this distortion, literally restructuring the very fabric of your cells so that your body can be liberated to find deeper alignment and freedom of movement.STRUCTURAL REALIGNMENT INTEGRATIONAt the c
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