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The foundations of the yogi or yogini&rsquo,s spiritual life, moral and ethical considerations are addressed here, in addition to this other forms of yoga are looked at briefly for the reader to gain some insight into the great world of yoga and how the worlds people have developed different strains of perhaps India&rsquo,s greatest gift, the origins of yoga. Hinduism in ancient times was very intertwined with Yogic life, as its path requires a disciplined pure lifestyle in its most refined form. When we study yoga at its roots, it is important to have some insights into ancient Hindu lifestyle which this book will include. One of the aims of this work is to give those who already practice Yoga to develop their awareness into the higher aspects of Yoga and refine their physical practice. Yoga is essentially a tool for self development and furthermore a path to unite with the &lsquo,one&rsquo, that makes up this entire universe – Yoga literally means &lsquo,union&rsquo,._,
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